JMH Network

The Jewish Mental Health Network was created in response to a need recognised in a working party of Wings of Care. When compiling the Wings of Care General Resource Guide we were surprised to find that there were only three organizations that specifically addressed mental health issues for the Jewish community. We recognized that there would be enormous benefits in forming a network of Jewish organizations involved in psychological disorders as well as mental illness. These benefits include sharing resources and avoiding duplication. Members of the Jewish and mainstream community would be more easily able to access our services. The Network would then be able to offer a more cohesive variety of services to the community reflecting the community's needs. In acknowledgement of the value of a body that would work together and incorporate Jewish organisations in all areas of mental health, the network was formed.

The Jewish Mental Health Network is a group of Jewish Mental Health organisations sharing resources, expertise and knowledge. The member organisations provide services to the Jewish community and encourage community awareness raising the consciousness of mental health issues in the Jewish community.









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